Welcome to the CFLA-ALFC Web Site

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5 thoughts on “Welcome to the CFLA-ALFC Web Site

  1. Are you on Facebook? Join the Canadian Forces Logistics Assn, Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/697169123656424/. It’s a closed Group and if you don’t get accepted, PM me with a note and info.
    Connect with old friends or new friends. Post CF Logistics related material and meetings of local CFLA groups. Want to start a CFLA group? This is a good way to get it going, see who is in your area, just post the request.
    Have pictures related to Logistics, share them here. there’s lots there already.
    Your not on Facebook? Create your own page, even if it has nothing on it. You don’t have to share any information on your page but your name, but it gives you access to all groups and pages. You’d be surprised who has a Facebook page. It’s not just for kids. (RCASC, RCOC, Many Military Museums etc.)
    All Loggies are more then Welcome.

    • As a foundator of the LOGA, I still very interested to receive info/documentation and old souvenirs
      from LOGA commarades..
      Keep going Logies!
      Col(ret) Tony Tremblay

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